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Ayesha Takia Need A More Security

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Ayesha Takia Need A More Security Ayesha Takia Need A More SecurityThe question was can see Oellnag man Farhan Azmi in the police and the police, I have now. Abu Asim Azmi Targeted Risk Farhan Azmi and her father. The police, however, believes the work can by a thief to take some money from him to the threat.

Farhan said: “Call of Uttar Pradesh Katrpni identified themselves as Hindus, and he said he came to Mumbai to become a Muslim to be in a disguise that my family is not used to death threats now discovered her husband, Farhan Azmi Azmi list.Ayesha Takia first force. his family because of what we accept the last three days to the request Framåt.

A few months ago, and in Ghent Farhan was approved local Ferot Sunday, the priest asked Rs.10 crore earlier. Stop Coming.It a formal complaint if have the phone the first time that Farhan had not received such an invitation.

This trip is to shoot Farhan.Farhan said the hotel and home to more security while also Oellnag under protection. Employed in Oellnag and security guards. Agencies

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