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Chulbul Pandey painted by Ankita Joshi under zero gravity conditions

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If 27 year old Ankita Joshi has reasons to celebrate for being the first woman in the world to paint under zero gravity conditions, so has Salman Khan, for he is the one who has been painted by the girl.
“I am a huge fan of Salman Khan… he is my favourite and I loved his film Dabangg. He has a great personality. I wanted to start with him,” she told reporters.

She painted Salman – as Chulbul Pandey – within two eight-second trajectories above Florida, USA, on March 27. She flew in a Rockwell Commander aircraft along with a doctor, under the supervision of space agency NASA. The aircraft nosedived to create zero-gravity conditions for about four minutes, when she painted. Ankita had taken a proper training with under ex-NASA astronaut, Greg Claxton.

“I was able to experience the void of gravity, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. I painted series of canvases,” she said adding, “Painting in the space was not easy as everything from the canvas to the crayon was floating. “We tried to fix the canvas with rods but it did not help. I was constantly banging my head on the ceiling… I remained dizzy and sick.”

Ankita plans to gift the painting to the 45-year-old actor and she will display her zero-G paintings at the Jehangir Art Gallery here from April 21 to 27. Agencies

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