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Competition doesn’t bother me: Sheena Shahabadi

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Sheena Shahabadi started her career by playing a pregnant teenager in her debut Hindi film Teree Sang. Later on she acted in Fast Forward. Daughter of actor Sadhana Singh and her producer husband, acting is in her DNA. “I had decided to be an actress when I was just five years old and stopped taking interest in any thing apart from films. After the initial resistance, mom helped me realise my dreams. My father could accept my decision only when he first saw me on camera,” she says.

She seems annoyed with the conception that star kids are offered everything on a platter. “Star kids have their share of struggle too! Being a star kid is a burden. There is a need to perform well as people have a lot of expectations from them and living up to that expectation is stressful.” After a long hiatus Sheena’s got a fairly crowded platter with two movies, Raqut – Ek Rishta and an untitled movie. So what was the reason for such a long break (read two years). Pat comes the reply, “I was doing movies in the south and wanted to do good projects in Bollywood.”

With so many newcomers in the film industry, does she feel the pressure of competition? “There is a lot of competition in Bollywood but I find it challenging. Competition doesn’t bother me much as I compete with myself,” she says.

Like her debut movie, Sheena fell in love at very young age, quickly got married and got divorced even faster. She now finds it better to be on her own. “I was so young so I couldn’t differentiate right and wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. I made blunders and learnt my lessons. I think I can do without a man. Being single is really cool,” says Sheena. TOI

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