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Dolly Bindra Sister of Ramdev Baba, how does it happened?

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Recently, in an Award Function Dolly Bindra who is TV actor and contestant of reality show Big-Boss 4 lost her patience and got very angry on Raju Shrivastav. Raju in his comic act told Dolly as sister of Ramdev Baba on which she became angry. However, Raju has not done this intentionally, he was just making fun of Dolly by saying that, but Dolly didn’t find it right.

Dolly said that, i know how much of timing is requied in comedy, i’m not a new comer in industry. As i entered the award hall Raju passed comment saying “Lo Aa Gayi”. I got surprised by the tone in which he said this. I was standing near my seat and i looked him. After that Raju said that, Sister of Ramdev Baba has come on which i said that, what happened to you Raju ji.

After this i said Ravi Kishan, co-host of Raju to give him some suggestions. Public got stunned after hearing all this. After that Raju got fused and didn’t found the way to react to the situation and hence said that ” Yeh Award aap hi le lo”. Then i replied that are you trying to give me bribe? Raju thought that i am enjoying all this but i want to ask why did he called me as sister of Baba Ramdev? Agencies

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