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Five men that drive Rakhi Sawant nuts…

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Ok, so Rakhi Sawant has managed to make it to the news again what with her shooting straight from the lip and shaking up the people with her ‘Quotable Quotes’. This isn’t the first time that Rakhi has done this… She has done it several times previously – gone gaga over some guys, said some ridiculous stuff and managed to hog news print and air space. We list the 5 guys that drove the nutty Rakhi Sawant nuts:

1. Baba Ramdev
Rakhi Sawant has apparently fallen head over heels in love with the ‘hot’ Swami Ramdev, all thanks to his hot tummy and expressed a desire to marry him. She made a lewd remark: Swami Ramdev is hot; I want to marry him! And got away with it.

2. Rahul Gandhi
Rakhi Sawant also expressed a wish to marry suave politician and son of late PM Rajiv Gandhi. She said, “I want to marry Rahul Gandhi or Anil Ambani or someone like them. If actress Shipla Shetty can get a well settled and hot shot guy so why cant I? Am I not sexy enough.” She got much publicity after this remark. And got away with it.

3. Elesh Parujanwala
He won her hand in the Swayamvar, a TV reality show. Rakhi at first claimed to be crazy about him, and knew that he was the one. But Rakhi Sawant shooed Elesh away. She went weak in the knees at the thought of marriage. She made a number of excuses: ”I can’t understand his fluent English, he can’t understand Hindi at all, kaise chalega?” She also went on to say that she didn’t trust Elesh. Being a part of a reality show was one thing, and dumping Elesh was another. However, given the drama that surrounded it all, Elesh returned to Canada, while Rakhi simply got away with it all.

4. Mika
Rakhi Sawant turned the world upside down when Mika planted a kiss on her lips at her birthday party. She filed cases, went to court, called the police and what not. Insiders say it was a planned publicity stunt. Mika and Rakhi grabbed the headlines again when they kissed and made up. And Rakhi got away with it.

5. Abhishek Awasthi
He was her first love. The two even participated in a dance reality show together. They were to marry when all hell broke lose. An argument caused Rakhi to shun Abhishek out of her house. She accused him of using her to get work. She claimed that the man she was in love with had changed. Sh washed her dirty linen in public. And got away with it. TOI

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