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I am not living in with Zaheer Khan: Isha

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In her crisp white shirt and cropped schoolgirlish hair Isha Sharvani looked ready to face the brunt of summer when she was in Ahmedabad recently.

She seemed in good humour as she perched herself on a lounger and struck picture-perfect poses for the shutterbug. Excerpts from an interview:

Aapnu Amdavad
I keep coming to Ahmedabad every now and then. As soon as I landed this time, I went to my grandmother’s place and ate lots of aam ras rotli. I love to gorge on food whenever I am in Ahmedabad.

Just Dance
I am doing a lot of choreography these days, it helps me understand my craft better. But I think it’s too early to do choreography in films. I have just started out as a choreographer. I have been dancing for a decade now but I don’t know how it will develop better. I am not someone who thinks about the future. I am not worried about my goals.

Nothing Filmi Yet
I might do Hindi films in the future, but I have nothing in hand right now. I am working hard to refine myself as an dancer. I love films. Ideally I would love to pursue both, dance and acting at the same time but I know that isn’t possible. I won’t be able to do justice to both. I can specialise only in one thing at a time. It is difficult for me to films right now.

Dance Like Isha
I come from a family that patronises the fine arts. Mom’s a dancer, dad is a musician and my brother is a drummer. I think I owe it to myself to do something for dance. I like the classical dance form. But I am also someone who can groove and move in a disc. I love the hip-hop style.

I love my work and there is hardly a time when I am not thinking about it. Even when I am having dinner I think about dance and how will I set the sequences. I am an avid reader and love music — of all kinds. I like to explore different cultures and meet new people, that’s why I travel a lot.

Marriage? Not me
I am not living in with Zaheer Khan, nor do I have any plans of getting married in the near future. I don’t know where these rumours come from! I have stopped reacting to them. My family gets very stressed out when they read this rubbish and that makes me angry sometimes. Everytime my grandmother reads the newspapers, she asks me questions. I have told her to stop believing whatever is published, unless I tell her so myself. I think these are the hazards of being a celebrity and one has to pay the price of being one. TOI

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