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I don’t want to use Khans as the benchmark: Emraan Hashmi

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Emraan Hashmi, who is playing a porn director in Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai and a similar character in Ekta Kapoor’s Dirty Picture hopes to take on Khans, at least numerically.

He stirred the hornet’s nest few day’s back when he said that he will be at par with the Khans in the next five years. He is very clear that a s far as the business and trade goes, he would want to be compared to the Khans and not to new people. Emraan has set eyes in the top league aiming to reach the magical three digit figure of 100 crore in the next three years. And he talks straight statistics.

“I do not want to use Khans as the benchmark, I would use it in terms of the number game, the magical number of three digits. Murder 2 will do 60 crore plus business eventually, further I am looking at the three digit number,” says Emraan. Currently, Emraan definitely has a monopoly when it comes to such bold subjects.

But will he ever do a family-oriented, clean, commercial film? “I will do films for the universal audience only if it is a different subject, a different film. But at the same time films like Murder are my strong points. The bold elements are synonymous with me and down the line if I get a commercial entertainer I will do those too,” he says. But at present, Emraan is basking in the glory of the film’s success so much so that little bit of arrogance can be forgiven, he feels. “I don’t want to run race with anyone, the others can race with each other. I have conviction in doing something different and I am not using other actors or any other successful film as the benchmark. I don”t compete with anyone, I walk my own path, there is no one ahead of me, there is no one behind me. There is no one in this industry who does films like I do. And as far as the revenue goes I will keep churning out hits. I will get that figure up to where these magical numbers are..these three digit numbers in the next three years,” he avers. Agencies

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