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I have moved on with no baggage: Bipasha

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I try hard to catch the strains of a broken heart on the phone line when Bipasha Basu calls me from St Petersburg in Russia, where she is currently stationed for the shoot of Players.

Instead there’s playfulness in her tone. Wondering if the Bengali bombshell is putting on a brave act, especially since her nine-year-old relationship with John Abraham has ended, I sigh hard and insensitively probe. Excerpts of the conversation:

You said you are alone for the first time in 17 years!
Yes, I did. That journalist caught me when I was in the gymnasium. And I’m usually very happy when I’m exercising. I just blurted out the truth.

So it’s over between John and you, just like that…
Honestly, there is nothing dramatic about my break up with John. For nine years I was in an honest respectable relationship. But now it is over. Obviously, it is not ‘just like that.’ There will be presumptions. I’m not here to discuss or clarify those. People take time to come to decisions. It takes time to heal. However, I can say that I have moved on with no baggage. I’m free and there is no negativity towards anyone.

You are sounding giddy-headed!
Yes, I am. In fact for the first time in years I am feeling light-headed. I feel as if I’m a teenager again. Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol and Neil Nitin Mukesh who were shooting with me in Russia tease me and say that they don’t want a “teenager” around. But that’s the way I feel. Something has happened.

And you have been getting a lot of male attention?
Funny you should ask this question. For nine years I led a protected existence. Men were intimidated about coming close to me. Now it’s crazy. There’s so much confusion around me. I feel giddy headed and light…and yes, I’m getting attention. I’m enjoying meeting people without having any specific agenda. It’s a nice feeling, can’t describe it.

What’s your current focus area?
Well it’s not relationships. It is work. We are doing some kick-ass work in Players. Abbas Mustan, my mentors (Ajnabee, Race), are giving me some super songs and fabulous action. Besides this, there’s Singularity and so much other work being offered. For the moment work is my focus area.

Will you work with John?
lYes, I will. We just did a hair product commercial a short while ago. We look good together. But I have had enough of Abraham. I’d rather work with the Khans and Kapoors.

Any particular Khan or Kapoor?
Any Khan will do. I’d love to work with all of them. Actually I can’t afford to strike off any hero names from my list. There are only eight saleable heroes. If I strike off even one name, I’m left with very little choice. TOI

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