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I have yet to dance around trees: Emraan Hashmi

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It’s been a good seven years since Emraan Hashmi forced the world to sit up and take notice of his brand of entertainment that titillates, with “Murder”. But the itch to “be different” continues to drive him, he says.

Or is it almost a need, we wonder. After all, it could be that Bollywood’s serial kisser, though he professses to hate the tag, would be feeling the heat now that other young actors are ready to go down the road less travelled. Like Imran Khan, who has no qualms about puckering up and more in ” Delhi Belly”, even as the sundry Prashant Narayanans of this world shrug away steamy scenes saying they help a movie sell.

So, does he feel the threat, we ask Emraan as he prepares to promote ” Murder 2″ in Lucknow. “Well, cinema does evolve and so do actors. What I began with bold, in-your-face films has become the norm five years hence. Actually I never wanted to do the regular Bollywood kind of stuff and I have stuck to it,” he muses, and adds, “I guess the solution is to keep reinventing myself.”

And what exactly is he hinting at, when we consistently see him as either the amorous, brooding male lead with shades of grey women bend over backwards to fall for, or the amorous, philandering male lead? “For one, I have yet to jump up and dance around the trees, which is still the norm in Bollywood,” Emraan shoots back. “And, yes, I am doing ‘different’ films. There’s Vishal Bhardwaj’s “Daayan” and Ekta’s “Dirty Picture” and Dibakar Banerjee’s ” Shanghai”. These are not run-of-the-mill productions and I am glad there are directors and producers who feel I fit the bill. Obviously, they cast me because they feel I think differently and am able to do justice to roles that are not stereotypically Bollywood.”

Talking of Vishal Bhardwaj, we wonder how the suave, metrosexual Emraan is preparing to be cast into Vishal’s typically rustic setting? “It will be a challenge. But I’ve met Vishal, and though talks are still on, I’m sure we will be able to chart a course for my character,” is all he says in answer.

So, we change track and ask how comfortable he is being part of a number of sequels, even as allegations of the Hindi film industry’s lack of originality fly thick and fast. “See, for this film, let me assure you that it is not a sequel,” he clarifies at once and continues, “we are carrying forward the brand of “Murder” which talks about the underbelly, the crime beneath the glitz and glamour and the darkness of the human mind. It’s also a mystery but in no way related to the original. As for sequels, I don’t see how the viewer will have a problem if the story is different and the script can keep them entertained. Every role challenges an actor, so it’s not easy, even if I am acting in a sequel.”

His brand of films aside, Emraan had famously commented in a previous interview that he feels no pressure to tone down his act even though his son is growing up, for he makes films for his fans. But he adds, “Maybe, a few years down the line I may act in films which I can watch with my son, but no, I don’t see the necessity to restrict my act in films fearing my son will view me in a certain light.” TOI

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