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I like being in touch: Raveena Tandon

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Her kids call her 100 times a day. She also loves an instant connect with the audience. In town on a whirlwind trip, Raveena Tandon Thadani clears the air about her ‘comeback’

How long will you be in the city?
This is a short visit. I landed here on Friday night and will be leaving on Sunday morning. I am here for an awards night and have to be back to leverage “Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap”.

Since you are in the city, how are the Bengali offers faring?
I did get a couple of offers but nothing exciting enough. As of now, I am toying with the idea of jatras and I might give my nod to an offer in hand. Fact is, I enjoy performing live. Getting an instant connect with the audience gives me the rush. That apart, I have done shows in and around Kolkata. I love music and dancing. And this show in Bengali is more like a musical, which will have my songs in it. The best part is that it won’t require too many of my dates.

Talking of your connect with the audience, you are really active on this social networking site. What had kept you away from it for so long and what brought about a change of heart?
I don’t really know. In fact, I never thought that I would tweet. I used to get frequent requests to join this site. My friends, Farah Khan and Anna Singh, kept telling me that I should start doing so. They explained that it is a good way of connecting with one’s fanbase and also setting the record straight in case of misreportage. While shooting for ” Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla”, I used to see my fellow judge, Arshad Warsi, tweeting in between shots. So, I asked him to show me the nuances of it all and that’s how it all started. Being the people’s person that I am, I quite enjoy the process now. I like being in touch. Of course, when I’m at home, I don’t get the time to connect as I am caught up with my family chores but when I am alone, I love keeping my fans updated.

Is it another means to do away with one’s boredom, more so when you are away from home?
Not at all. I am never lonely. My kids call me a 100 times a day (laughs). Like I said, I love this
connect with people.

And people surely are loving your song, “Chandigarh di star” in Big B’s latest outing…
(Laughs) This song came about in a day. Initially, this track was
supposed to be a theme song. But then, Puri (Jagannadh) and Vishal-Shekhar said, ‘You look so good. Why not shoot the song with you, instead?’

How did the film fall into your lap?
I was approached for this guest appearance and initially, I was not doing the film as I was waiting for my other films to release. You know, whatever I do, it is termed as a comeback. I wasn’t sure how
people would react and I wasn’t too keen to add to the confusion. Nadeem from Puri’s office came up to me with the request followed by David (Dhawan) and Ramu (RGV) calling me up and telling me that whenever they thought of this role, they could only think of me. The icing on the cake was that all my shots were with Amitji. This was my fourth film with him.

“Chandigarh di star” is being billed as an item song…
Let me clarify that this is NOT an item song. Nowadays, any item song is equivalent to a raunchy number with a skimpily-clad girl grooving to it. There are only seduction numbers now. Item songs are no longer what they used to be. Talking of “Chandigarh…”, I’ll call it a good dance track. And what’s more, I’m fully clothed too! (Laughs out loud).

Did your husband, Anil, get to see you in the song?
He has still not seen it but my nieces have and thankfully, I am getting to hear positive things about it.

While on item numbers “Sheila’ and “Munni” did create a lot of noise…
And I love them both. We always end up shaking a leg to them whenever we have a party. I don’t remember any other song having made a patch on those two.

Okay coming to your kids, you said in a recent interview that your daughter now knows that you are an actor. Which would be the first film of yours you want her to see?
“Andaz Apna Apna”. It’s a good, clean comedy. Also, I’m called Raveena there. That would make it easy for her to identify me and her ‘Lolo aunty’. Now she knows Lolo because her daughter Samaira and my daughter are in the same school.

Any film you would want her not to see now?
I have never done any film that I might be ashamed of. I have always maintained that I will never do any project for which I might have to hang my head in shame and for which my family will be sorry.

So, are you a better mother or wife?
That’s a tough one. I have been a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and mother. I’ve tried my best in all these roles. I guess my family will have to take a call on that.

What’s the secret to a successful marriage?
I don’t know. I guess, you need to marry the right person, marry him for the right reason.

And the best compliment from your hubby?
There are little things, maybe something like ‘I like the way your hair is falling on your face’. (On second thought) No, I remember the best. Very recently, I was being interviewed by this lady on an article on
fitness. My husband, Anil, was doing his puja. She asked me about my best asset and I told her that I
didn’t think I had a great body. I told her that I liked Shilpa and Priyanka’s physique. I kept putting myself down till Anil said, ‘Why don’t you tell her that you have the best face that anyone can have and no one can match that?’ She asked me from where that voice came and I told her that it was my
hubby’s. So, there. TOI

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