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I love Preeti Desai but won’t necessarily get married to her: Abhay Deol

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Abhay Deol gets candid about his new movie choices, and future plans with girlfriend Preeti Desai

After the success of the very commercial Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, ‘experimental’ actor Abhay Deol has learnt it pays to step out of one’s comfort zone.

So he’s pushing the envelope further, ready to take on roles out of character and even do a Munni or Sheila if need be.

On the personal front, though, he’s still not willing to ‘toe the line’ – while he proclaims he loves his girlfriend and wants to have kids too someday, marriage is certainly not on the cards for him.

For more on this and other startling revelations, read on…

You and Kalki are the odd ones out in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The others are commercial stars. Did that make you uncomfortable while shooting?
Once the camera is on, I forget what’s mainstream and what’s not. If I have made a choice with a film, it is because I think it’d suit me. As far as off-camera work goes, like promotions and stuff, I prefer to take the backseat. I’m not too good at that.

You’re doing this interview, right?
Do I have a choice? But yes, who wouldn’t want to talk about work that is being appreciated. I haven’t really got a response like this before, but people have started to call me ‘cute’. Now that’s new.

Well, this is the cleanest shaven we’ve seen you since Socha Na Tha…
I think you’re referring to my ‘I don’t give a damn’ look in Dev D. The brief for this one was the geeky boy-next-door. I’m glad it worked.

But this one was certainly far from the experimental work we have seen you do…
There was a point when I worked in 10 different films with 10 new directors and was happy about it. But now, I’m a little tired of taking chances. In fact, now I’ve decided to do an item number soon.

Hope you’ve taken tips from Katrina…..
No, I’ll take tips from Genelia. She’s my next heroine.

So you’d be glad if the Yashrajs and Dharmas of the world come knocking at your doorstep?
What makes you think they haven’t already? All I’m looking for is a good script.

You are one actor who’s known for the choices you make. Why would you want to follow the flock?
This is a part of the choices I make. A hit like ZNMD will give my next film Shanghai, which is not an out and out masala film, a huge nudge.

We also hear you’re all set to bid goodbye to bachelorhood pretty soon…
I’m very happy in my current relationship with Preeti Desai, and I couldn’t ask for more. I would love to settle down, but not necessarily get married.

I don’t understand why it’s a mandate. And I’m quite sure my kids would understand.      Mid-Day

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