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I still feel I don’t belong to this industry: Udita Goswami

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Udita Goswami was in Delhi and recently she has become an aunt.

What’s keeping Delhi based model turned actress Udita Goswami busy theses days? She is in Delhi to be here with her family. She excitedly tells us, “I have been here in Delhi since one month and it’s been a brain storming session for me. I haven’t been able to do any work, people have been calling me for work and I have been avoiding them. I had to cancel all my appointments. For me, my family is my first priority more than my work.”

But why so, and she reasons out, “My brothers wife was expecting a baby. As my brother was not in town I was asked to come over to Delhi to take care of my bhabhi. That’s the main reason for me to be here in Delhi for so long. Trust me, I haven’t been able to do any thing so busy running around the whole day looking after my bhabhi . Kabhi main market bhaag rahi hunt oh kabhi hospital it has been total madness. But I was enjoying it.. Finally I have become an aunt and my bhabhi has been blessed with a baby recently.”

After a long gap, Udita will be making a comeback on the big screen. Interestingly, this time she will be seen in a new role not only as an actor on the screen but she will be scripting her own movie. She has started to write movie script. So how did it happen? And she confidently replies, “I never imagined I would get into writing a movie script. Since a child I always had a flair for writing and finally now I’m happy that I have got a scope to explore my talent. I believe it’s always good to do something interesting and you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing something what you like to do. I had the idea in mind for long to write a movie script and finally it’s taking off. The script is a love story.”

Does that mean that she will quit acting? ” Not at all, acting will continue along with script writing. Honestly speaking, modelling career was more enjoyable then acting. Modelling was more disciplined and you had an identity of your own. Frankly, I didn’t enjoy acting. I felt it was not my kind of profession. I just can’t be like other girls who are in the Bollywood in today’s date. I have given my best yet feel I feel there is somewhere that’s missing. My experience of Bollywood has been different. Logon ka outlook bahut different hain I can’t be like other girls, main PR nahi kar sakti. I still feel I don’t belong to this industry.”

Any plans to get to get into direction, ” I want to think one thing at time. It’s a big deal to direct a movie. But if ever I plan to get into direction I want to direct a music video rather than a movie.” We ask about her recent break off with long time boyfriend Moht Suri, director of ‘Murder 2’movie and she admits, ” Yes we were seeing each other but we are no more right now. So kya hua life has to move on. Further I don’t want to comment on this. Everyone has his own life so use karne do jo karna hain aur mujhe karne do jo mujhe karna hain.”

Udita is a pet lover and has plans to open up a small centre for pets in Mumbai soon. She says, ” I have three pet dogs and they all are street dogs. I’m so fond of dogs kabhie kabhie agar kisi ko mujhe kahna ho ki tu kuthie hain, I just stop myself,” and she laughs. ” TOI

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