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I Support Them, But I’m Not a Lesbian: Celina Jaitely

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Celina Jaitely, I have openly supported the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and I’m not ashamed to do so.

But what disturbs me most is when people spend stupid comments. You can not even imagine, people have gone so far as to say that I am a lesbian and my father and my brother is gay!

It’s so rare and difficult to understand even the mentality of these people. Unfortunately, people in India have not yet accepted the community. It’s sad that people always understand me. However, it does not bother me or my family members. There continue to show my support to the community, “said Celina Jaitly DT.

The actress was in Delhi to perform at the Sangeet ceremony of Payal Bansal and Deepak Kanodia Saturday night in Gurgaon.

When asked why, as an advocate for gay rights, she jumped at the celebrations of the second anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality, which began at Jantar Mantar on the same night, she replied: “Yes, I was aware of the celebrations in the capital, and really a moment of joy for us all.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the community. Unfortunately, recently underwent knee surgery and has not been able to concentrate on my work. “Knee surgery? So how was that she danced at the wedding?” The family I have known for years, and I could not have refused to attend the special occasion. Indeed, it was with much difficulty I was able to perform on stage. But, fortunately, people do not realize I had problems while dancing. Fortunately, the guests enjoyed my performance, and that made me feel so good. ”

Celina promised last year, Dubai-based Australian Peter Hagg hotel. With pride, he said: “My boyfriend was known to my family. In fact, he’s my mama (uncle) best friend, and that’s how we were introduced. He visited us at home, and little by little, we fell in love .

We plan to marry next year. “Was not getting married in September?” We had planned to marry in September. However, my brother’s wedding is in September, as it is in the army, and will soon be getting transferred. Because of my brother’s wedding on September 3rd, we had to postpone the wedding, “he said, adding:” We married in the traditional way of India. Peter is very excited to wear a suit Indian. Both families are happy for us. Agencies

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