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If my bodyguard writes a book on me, I’m finished: Salman Khan

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Given his fearsome reputation, few dare to cross paths with Salman Khan, the original enfant terrible of Bollywood. But Salman has no qualms admitting that the one man who he does fear is his bodyguard Shera.

And with good reason. Despite his several indiscretions, some of which have even gotten him into big trouble with the law, Sallu’s private life for the most part has managed to remain just that – private.

His love for alcohol and women, combined with his volatile temperament, have generated tsunamis of scandalous Bollywood gossip that unfortunately could never be confirmed – and therefore never printed.

A beefy part of the reason for that has been Shera, who for over a decade now has guarded his master’s privacy with dogged zeal. It has not only earned him his master’s trust, it has elevated their relationship from professional to personal.

No wonder Salman insisted that Shera release the first look of his upcoming film Bodyguard, where he said, “I trust him completely with everything in my life – money, posssesions, even my women. But then, if he ever decides to write a book on me, I’m finished.” Your diarist, at least, doesn’t doubt it at all. TOI

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