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I’m a lesbian: Mink Brar

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Most of you may have heard about the terms homosexuals, hetrosexuals and bisexuals but Mink Brar scoffs at such tags invented by society – for she is neither of the three. “I’m a lesbian,” says she, “But that doesn’t mean that I shall be a lesbian forever.

Further elaborating on her magical-lesbian qualities she adds, “I can turn straight and plan to settle and marry and have kids in future.” She then talks about her new video shoot that shows her kissing a South African woman (check pics ), “Yes there is a clip of me kissing a girl in a swimming pool, so what? I guess it is something personal and I would not like to talk about my personal life,”…. And then she starts talking about her personal life anyway.

“I know that girl. She is from South Africa and we met through a common person. I enjoyed being with her. She has gone back we are no more in touch.”

Just like her chameleon-like sexuality, Mink Brar also displays a rare schizophrenic quality each time she talks. “The girl is a random friend. I had met her some time back and we went abroad She is actually someone whom I don’t know that well, but yes, she is a good friend,” she says.

Mink Brar who was recently in the news for starring in an American porn movie called, ” Desert Queen” but she denies being a part of any such project. When she first heard about this she “was totally in a state of shock and cried a lot. Later I told my parents and they consoled me.” She says vehemently that she would never star in such a movie because “I’m not the kind of person who will go for cheap publicity,” and in the same breath she praises her swimming-pool kissing video as a thing of beauty, “I just loved watching the video. I saw it posted online and it’s amazing.”

Having starred in such a piece de resistance as that, Brar is only aiming higher, “I’m more interested in doing a Punjabi movie as I’m a sardani. The response so far has been great and,” she says with a straight face, “I hope to narrate the script to Big B and hope to rope him in one of my projects.” Good luck on that, girl! TOI

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