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I’m happily married: Vivek Oberoi

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Vivek Oberoi, who was in Delhi recently, on almost being force-kissed by a Delhi girl!

Baba Ramdev’s best asana!
With all of Delhi talking about Baba Ramdev, his fast and his anti-black money crusade, Vivek was also asked about it when he was here. “Baba Ramdev has performed so many asanas and taught so many people to get rid of so many diseases. Now, this is one of his best asanas – to get rid of corruption,” he said. Vivek himself is rather spiritual too, and says that that’s made him a calm person – but that’s not the only factor. When asked if he’s been in any fights lately, he said, “I don’t really remember the last fight I was in. Marriage has made me a more calm and peaceful person.”

The ‘Prince’ effect
Vivek seemed to be reeling from the after-effects of his “Prince” days, as he arrived on Saturday at a West Delhi mall. He swung from the balcony on suspension cables and landed amid the awed onlookers, all smiles as he performed the stunt. A female fan begged the actor to kiss her, and almost succeeded in making him do it! Vivek sportingly related the incident later, saying, “She simply pulled me towards herself with a pout and asked me to kiss her. I was taken aback for a second, but politely declined. I am a happily married man. It is always good to get attention from women, though, because they comprise the loyal fan base that keeps an actor going.”

My daddy smartest
Since Vivek was talking about all things tech, he mentioned his father, Suresh Oberoi. “My father and I are very competitive when it comes to technology. He is as good at it as I am, and there are many things he does with his gadgets which are incredible,” said Vivek. Since he was here just ahead of World Environment Day, he also advocated green technology. “I use a gadget called ‘solar monkey’ in my car to charge my phone,” he mentioned. TOI

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