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Im irritated when refferred to as ‘Serial Kisser’ Emraan Hashmi

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Reportedly, Hashmi has had enough of the ‘serial-kisser’ tag and now he thinks it is time to show the people that he is not only good at doing intimate scenes, but has a lot in store.

“I am irritated when referred to as ‘serial kisser’ or something similar. Why can’t people remember me for the other dimensions of my character in films like Once Upon A Time in Mumbai or the lovely songs picturized on me,” he said.

I paint to de-stress myself, says Emraan He was spotted sketching away on a notepad during a press conference to promote his movie, and said that painting was quite de-stressing for him.

“But it’s something that I do only to de-stress. Have never really thought of taking up art seriously, I would rather let it remain a hobby. Maybe, some years down the line I will let others have a look at my work,” he confirmed. ‘Murder 2’ is a full on suspense thriller Now, the movie is all set to release next week and Mahesh Bhatt promises that the ‘Murder’ sequel is going to be a full on suspense thriller, that will not ‘assault or insult your sensibility and sensitivity’. During a promotional event of the film in Lucknow, Bhatt, along with director Mohit Suri and protagonist Emraan Hashmi urged everyone to watch the movie with a unique message.

Talking about the movie and defending its sleazy content, Bhatt said, “Yes, the story is about girls who pawn their bodies for money, but it also shows what kind of perverts pass off as respectable citizens in the society.”

“I have been battling with criticism since I made Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain, my first film in 1970. Everybody appreciates and showers awards on films like my own Saaraansh, Tamanna and Zakhm. But they choose and pay to watch only erotic films…like my very own Jism and Murder. What a paradox,” he argued. Agencies

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