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I’m not fine with my Bhindi Bazaar Inc sex video leaks: Vedita

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Your leaked sex video from ” Bhindi Baazaar Inc.” has been getting a lot of hits online. What does that do to your ego?
Three days ago, a friend of mine told me that he had seen my bold scenes in a video on a social networking site. His reaction was: ‘It’s not bad’. Initially, the whole thing of my sex video being leaked online didn’t hit me. It was only after I saw the video online that I understood what the matter was all about. Then, I didn’t know how to react. I am not saying that it isn’t me in the video. But I have a problem with the way the video shows the scenes.

But why is it?
In the film, these scenes go with the story and the whole impact is classy. But the Net leaks are gross. I had called up the producer and but he said that he had no idea about how the videos were leaked. May be, it could have been done during the editing. However, I am not sure who leaked the videos. Now, I can’t do anything about it.

Are you pissed that the videos have got leaked, despite it giving so much of publicity to the movie?
I have seen the edited version of the scenes and was pretty happy with it. Before we did the film, my producer had said only those shots would be used which had my approval. These scenes go with the flow of my character in the film. My character, Shabana, is an ambitious woman. Even through the lovemaking scene, her character comes out. She is not a sex worker but the way she entices men is no less than how a sex worker would behave. I had watched “Memoirs of a Geisha” to get Shabana’s body language right. However, I am clear that I don’t wish to be tagged only as a girl who does bold films and nothing else. I don’t wish to be typecast. My aim is not to go the Mallika way. She carried those roles so well. But, my take in life is different. I want to be appreciated for my acting. I don’t wish to be another Mallika Sherawat of this industry.

But your co-star, Prashant Narayanan, is fine with the video leaks…
He is far more senior than I am in the industry. Prashant is a thorough professional. This is my debut movie. My mother belongs to the royal family of Tripura. My father is from the royal family of Ballipur Estate. Initially, they were pretty apprehensive about me joining this industry. But it took time for me to convince them that I am trying to do good work in the industry. I am a hard worker. With these video leaks, I am having a tough time. I have four sisters and all of them are married. I had to call each of them up and explain the situation when the videos were leaked.

Yet, a movie which has Catherine Lopez to up the sex quotient is now getting noticed because of your steamy scenes with Prashant. Isn’t that a compliment?
Catherine’s focus is her sex appeal. I would be happier if people say that I am a good actor who has a great sex appeal. TOI

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