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I’m not your boyfriend, Mahesh tells Meera

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This could have been a scene from a film, had we not been holding a telephone, listening to every word being exchanged. After alleging that producer-director Mahesh Bhatt ruined her Bollywood career, Pakistani actress Meera landed at Mukesh Bhatt’s office in Mumbai on Tuesday afternoon to congratulate him, and even indirectly asked for work from the brothers.

However, Mahesh, who already knew of Meera’s allegations, confronted her, but the actress immediately denied everything saying that she was “joking with Bhattsaab”.

She told us, “Maine kissi se baat nahi ki hai. Yahan toh sirf mazaak ho raha hai. Mazaak kar rahi thi mein Bhattsaab ke saath. Everything is ok – koi masla nahi hai. Maine bahot sikha hai Bhattsaab se… mere teacher hain, mere guru hain. Main bahut izzat karti hoon unki.” She also told us that she can instantly summon the Pakistan media to issue a clarification, and added, “Main Pakistan ke saare newspapers ko do minute mein laa sakti hoon… Maine hamesha yeh kaha hai ki main inki izzat karti hoon. Meri zindagi mein inka role bahut important raha hai. Inhi ki wajah se main India aayi aur mujhe kaam karne ka mauka mila.”

However, Bhatt was quite furious and told us, “She has an absolutely selective kind of memory about things she says. She fantasises a wrong and believes it’s true. It’s strange you asked me this morning and saw the candour with which I answered. And after that, she comes here. Tell me, can a person who is beaten by someone come to their office like this? Now she wants to do a press conference saying I did not beat her up, and says she did it for publicity. I do not understand this. She’s absolutely dangerous and I possibly cannot give her work. She’s deranged.”

He also told Meera, “Main tumhara boyfriend nahi hoon jo tum mere saath aise khel sakti ho. Tum yahan meri zimmedari ho aur maine tumhe yahan sirf protect karne ki nazar se dekha hai. Tumko meri maa maine sirf yeh kaha ki Mumbai mein yahan wahan mat jao kyunki tumko log istmaal karenge aur kaam bhi nahi denge. Tum koi meri girlfriend ho jo main tumhe rokun? Jahan marji jao. Thappad tumko marna chahiye jo maine tumko kabhi mara nahi.” At this point she told him, “Toh maar lijiye.” He also told her that she must go see a psychiatrist, and added, “Main tumse illtajah kar raha hoon ki doctor se ja kar milo. Tumko zehani level pe thodi si ilaaj ki zaroorat hai. Main tumko le jaonga doctor ke paas.” He later told us that she’s even offered him a Pakistani show titled “Kaun Banega Meera Pati”.

However, a while later Meera called us and said, “Jab maine woh interview diya tha, badi friendly way mein baatein hui thi, main thoda emotional ho gayi thi. But Bhatttsaab is my guru, maine bahut seekha hai unse. Mere teacher bhi hain. Jab aap kaam karte hain, bahut sari cheezen hoti hain, aap emotionally involved bhi hote hain. Aap hurt bhi hote hain..”

Meera needs medical help & counselling
At a time when one is running from pillar to post with like minded people from both India and Pakistan to obtain a pardon for Dr Chishti, an eighty-year-old Pakistani national holed up in an Indian jail on a life sentence, comes this frivolous, irresponsible and heart breaking allegation by Meera to the Indian press.

This is not the first time that Meera has maligned me publicly. A few years ago she had made similar and bizarre allegations against me in an Urdu daily in Pakistan. Inspite of my well wishers begging me to reprimand her for that, and to distance myself from her, I chose to be magnanimous and play down her actions, as they come from a mind that is not stable. I always felt sorry for her, and felt that she needs medical help and counselling. I still feel the same.

The reason I stand up for myself today is because I don’t want any kind of trivia to obscure the more serious issues that I am currently engaged with.

I hope the media in India and Pakistan will state my position in totality, if and when these bizarre and totally unfounded allegations she has made against me are reproduced by them in their media.

Meera’s a nutcase
I introduced this girl seven years ago in “Nazar” and I am the one who introduced her to Mahesh Bhatt. Little did we know then that we were entering into unknown territories with a mad woman. She’s a nutcase; a madwoman. If I use the word insane, I wouldn’t be too far from the truth. In fact, I’d go as far to say that she’s schizophrenic. She says something and then she says something else. This is the case with her for the last seven years. She’s tried to defame a man who I have known for 20 years – a credible man like Mahesh Bhatt. Meera will do anything for publicity. She denied everything when I called her. I introduced her to a reporter six years ago and she said she was 24. Someone recently asked her age, and she still said she’s 24. Bhatt’s wife (Soni Razdan) may take legal action; I just spoke to Soni. Meera’s got a film coming out in Pakistan and she’s using everything for publicity. Mahesh and I have been working for Indo-Pak peace for the last 10 years.
Sevy Ali, The producer who introduced Meera to Bhatt. TOI

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