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Is Chiru’s daughter Srija going for Second Marriage?

Posted by on April 4, 2011 4 Comments

Tollywood Mega star Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija was filed a case on her husband Sirish Bhardwaj, accusing him of harassing her for dowry and physically torturing her from past one year. Now she is living with her parents.

Srija eloped from her house and gave a shock to her parents by marrying Sirish Bharadwaj in 2007. Later the couple had also approached to the court for seeking the protection from Chiranjeevi family. Srija and Shirish have a daughter Nivruthi aged two and a half years.

Now the question is why she is complained now and do you think Sirish Bharadwaj will do haarssment on Srija who is daughter of Tollywood Mega star and PRP leader Chiranjeevi, apart from that Srija is a one of the most influential person’s daughter. If he tortures Srija, did she tolerate for one year?

Now the latest rumors from the film nagar circles is that Chiranjeevi couple is getting ready to do second marriage for Srija it seems and the they have selected a Pune based business man for Srija. As per the sources Srija is going for second marriage with him it seems and soon she is going to file the divorce. After Srija’s marriage Chiru family is going to take care of Srija’s daughter Nivruthi it seems.

But this news is not confirmed officially, these are the rumors from the gossipmongers.

Do you think did she go for second marriage by leaving her daughter and husband alone?

Their love marriage and divorce seems like mystery for many of us? Agencies

4 Responses to “Is Chiru’s daughter Srija going for Second Marriage?”

  1. Sekhar_rao1 April 8, 2011

    chiru fuck off

  2. I don’t think it’s going to be any problem. When Sirish proved to be the most irresponsible person, it is better if Srija divorces him and proceed with the second marriage. Srija and the baby will not have good future if she continues to compromise and stays with him. Instead of suffering for the rest of the life, it is absolutely better if she come out of it.

    Srija and the baby are definitely going to have a good life even with her second marriage. There are also good people in this world who can understand and take care. Babies are pure and have nothing to do with deeds of adults. Srija will definitely find a good husband who will be a good father as well.

  3. Yallabharatram21 July 29, 2011

    now people will bi-live that parents were correct they will always do the right thing  for their children 

  4. None None August 10, 2011

    whan an english !!!


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