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Kajal, Rohit: Bonding big time

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At the video conference for a soon-to-be released Bollywood movie, while the film’s leading man Ajay answered for himself, director Rohit Shetty just couldn’t stop chipping in for Kajal and nor could the actress stop calling Rohit, my director . Read on

Kajal apologises for walking in late to the conference and a volley of questions follow…
Rohit, why did your heroine walk in late?
Rohit takes the mike to answer
Kajal: (Interrupting) No no isme Rohit ki koi galti nahi hai. I got late because of the rain.
But you are not wet
Kajal: That’s because I was in the car (laughs).
Rohit: (To Kajal) Hyderabad is your territory so go on, only you answer (Ajay nods in agreement).
This is a big film for you, were you nervous?
Kajal is all set to answer
Rohit: (Interrupting) She was nervous.
Kajal: Yes, I was a little nervous, but it was actually a mix of both excitement and nervousness. My director and Ajay made me feel easy and comfortable.
What did Ajay say to you when he first met you?
Kajal is about to answer…
Rohit: He said hello’.
Kajal: (laughs) Yeah, right.
Why don’t we see you coming to Hyderabad with Ajay to promote the film since you are well known here?
Kajal: Uhmmmmm
Rohit: Ajay cancels it every time we plan to come to Hyderabad. (To Kajal) Tell them.
Kajal: It all depends on Ajay, and when he has the time to come to Hyderabad with me.
Did you take tips from the original film?
Kajal: I did watch the original and Anushka (Shetty) has done a fabulous job but I have done exactly what my director asked me to do.
The promos are more about Ajay than Kajal, actresses ko hamesha dabaya kyun jata hai?
Rohit: Dabaya kahan hai! Dabane ki toh koi baat hi nahi hai. Promos mein toh Kajal hi Kajal hai.
Kajal: (Interrupting) I promise, from now on, you will see only me and me and me (laughs).
Rohit: Even Sonakshi had a role in Dabangg , Kareena had a crucial part in Golmaal .
Kajal: (Interrupting again) I think it all depends on the story. And of course, I have a role in the film.
Is it important that the director and the actor share some chemistry too?
Rohit: (To Kajal) You answer first. Since she speaks well, you know.
Kajal: Yes, it is important that the director and actor share a bond. I share a very good rapport with him (Rohit). He is a fantastic person and director. I have this habit of asking too many questions and I ate his head with my questions (laughs).
Rohit: Kajal is fabulous. She is superstitious about the color white. We let her wear white on the first day of shoot. I hope it actually does us good, as she claims. TOI

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