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Kangna & Asin: who is closer to Salman

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There seems to be a tussle between Kangna Ranaut and Asin to show who is closer to Salman. Both the actresses have found their unique ways to flaunt their proximity to the actor. While Kangna did so by attending his younger sister Arpita’s trial for his film, Asin (the leading lady) has been telling friends how thrilled Khan is with her work. And how people are liking them together. In fact if you ask her which is her favourite Khan, she replied: Salman. Wonder how Aamir Khan who brought her to B-Town with Ghajini feels about this.

A while back during a promotional shoot for their film, Salman left Asin’s side to rush out and meet Kangna when he heard she was in the vicinity. Maybe it was just a courtesy call, after all Kangna has done a cameo in the film, alongwith Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn. Don’t you just love it when everyone in B-Town is friends, and doing each other favours?

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