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Kareena Jumped A Helicopter In Movie Agent Vinod

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Actress Kareena Kapoor is a game for the fact that he gives 100 percent and a movie, the day when all of the professional status of the workers shot behind Vinod is working on a few.

Three movie stars Saif Ali Khan real friend. Tashan some swelling and Kurbaan first average at the box office, and the Sudanese armed forces in the hope that this time luck will be your favor.AGENT Vinod exceptional work by a big budget film is a stylish and exciting change. Kareena Kapoor for the first time alone without the use of double hull has decided to follow the style. A bold move first.

And encourages the actress, who not many action films generated on the plane. Although it was originally thought he like to work, and the whole experience seems from Lat. Although this type are, Kareena shot from a helicopter, and if you remove air.Though Koadane, it was a collapsed well at some distance from the ground and the wound in his neck. He said he could not get up a lot of pain. Back to our story, in the case of shooting the scene, and it was very difficult, Kareena shot in the neck and put in a bad situation.

But in the end it shows some was very good and Bebo to jump and shoot back. In Vinod Arlar affair.The medical personnel to take care of this cycle determined. Work began in Kareena Peankalris recorded and work then. This is the spirit of a winner. But worries about her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan called all the time and was interviewed on the neck.

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