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Katrina Kaif !I Do Not Feel The Need To Clarify My Stance

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With Katrina in 2003, the introduction of the industry “boom” of Indian cinema, but the first hit with “Love Maine Kyun Kiya” comes after four years. His career with ‘Namastey London, which he shared with Akshay Kumar has taken hits, the box office was in the same year.Some Crber great “partner”, “hello” and “Singh Is Kinng.” Farah Khan, and a number of “young Sheila” product “A” teas killed Khan received the most publicity, but his portfolio Katrina “New York” with cinema Basamznean Rajneeti.

We are human and sometimes we receive, especially when a lot said and written that fits. But in order to get ready and I have also learned about Katrina Mumbai said in a telephone interview, and to bring the media along, and now I have ‘t explain my side and sees no need for it is not me. The viewers are reasonable, and understand what is right and wrong, at the age of 26.

Representatives is planned for the immediate release of movies, but it will be seen in soap advertising a new promotion for the year range.This new, first started Zoya Akhtar ‘A’ Zindagi Milega Dobara “In June, when Hrithik Abiyt light and Abe Deol, Farhan Akhtar and Koechlin above. Then, it should “be but my brother of the bride.

Asked if he is the director, “said Katrina, Actor:” All members representing the “director-actor role of the director for life on the screen support the script, then .. Profession.From of the links with Ranbir Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif Life “) under the Skrenar break. British actress said, was born into a strict attention to influence learned to live in some cases this pressure.

It is planned to increase the profession, are more nervousness.If Katrina and some fear or hope, that by means Sanripiy point, the worst thing a player concedes defeat was reached. For me it is important to disappoint the expectations of fans and T-I stay.

Added Framåt actress in some cases, is difficulty in dealing with a lot of work lifeFear something you have a good job, it is necessary that the person to remain positive and sufficient to support work.With movie that the media do, run and list.Sometimes – El Arish, it becomes difficult to cool, stay calm and play in a band tired of them busy, but that’s part of our work. The things that helped me relax. Further help me renew that all I was talking to me. Agencies

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