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Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan share a hug

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Here’s a new chapter in the Salman and Katrina story. So what if they’ve decided not to kiss on screen? There’s more action happening off-screen, even it’s only some PDA.

Hear this one. Salman and Katrina visited Farah on the sets of her reality show, and the events that followed left everyone pleasantly surprised. Close sources revealed that when Sallu and Kat came face-to-face, they hugged each other for a good two minutes. And all this publicly, in front of the media! There was an awkward silence in the audience, but the two seemed comfy together.

Of course, the shutterbugs couldn’t wait to capture this picture-perfect moment. But then, Farah Khan stepped in, and agitatedly warned the media that if even a single picture leaked out, she would walk out of the show. Well, everyone quickly backed off, but was stunned to see the otherwise media-shy Kat, slip into this embrace. Well, iss jaadu ki jhappi ka kya hoga…that’s something we’ll know soon.

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