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Katrina Kaif’s secret hair band

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You can ask an actress about her size (even if she’s not size zero), but dare you quiz her about the other two-digit ‘figure’ in her life.

We’re talking about her age, alright. Some of our hot, ‘youngguns’ like Imran, Ranbir, Shahid…struggle to find B-Town beauties who look almost about their age. Years ago, when Shahid Kapoor was launched, filmmakers couldn’t find the apt, young face to romance him onscreen. We guess, the newer boys are facing the similar ‘age old’ problem. While we can’t take away from Katrina’s hot quotient, and the fact that she’s one of the most glamorous faces in Bollywood, sometimes even this jawaan, sexy Sheila needs to tone down to look a few years younger. Recently, a famous celebrity stylist revealed, “Katz makes sure that she sports a hair band while acting opposite heroes like Ranbir and Imran. It makes her look younger.” It’s a little easier when she’s opposite the Khiladi and the Khans, of course. “She prefers curls or straight hair to look more mature,” the expert told us. Now that can’t be a permanent fix to the problem, can it? But we’re telling you, we like you anyway Katz, straight (curly, bands) or otherwise. Lol!

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