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Katrina’s near Wardrobe Malfunction on stage

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First it was Rani and now it is Katrina Kaif. Katrina nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction while she was performing on stage at a music awards function on Friday.

Apparently, Katrina was grooving a bunch of girls when her top slipped off, and that too more than once.

Her top was apparently tight at her shoulder. She still managed to carry on her performance even when her wardrobe failed her.

A source tried to defend the designer saying that clothes for events have to be made at a very short notice. Although Katrina had tried her outfit before, she had no idea that the straps will give way. After all, just trying on an outfit is different from wearing it on stage for a live performance.

So when she wore it, the outfit seemed to be perfect. However, during her performance, her straps fell off at various occasions.

Inspite of it, Katrina seemed to manage it well and prevented herself from any further embarrassment.

Hopefully, she will be more careful in the future. Even if the dress needed to be made within a short span of time, she should try practicing her dance steps wearing it beforehand in order to save herself from any embarrassments in public. Agencies

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