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Koena Mitra shares steamy kiss with Kevin Sorbo

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A steamy screen kiss that Koena Mitra shares with American actor Kevin Sorbo in her international debut, The Story Of Naomi , is currently doing the rounds on the Internet.

Although sources in the film’s unit have claimed the scene was leaked, most others in the industry feel the makers of the film were merely going with the current trend of deliberately giving away to sundry websites in order to fuel publicity.

The Story Of Naomi, being billed as Koena’s ‘Hollywood debut’ is actually directed by an American filmmaker of Indian origin Ash Gupta, known so far as a fashion photographer.

Sorbo apart, the other notable Hollywood link in the film is producer Michael Hirshenson, best known as a casting associate in films such as Jurassic Park, Mrs Doubtfire, A Few Good Men, Home Alone 2 and When Harry Met Sally. The Story Of Naomi made news when it was announced a while back owing to the sensational character Koena is touted to be playing.
She plays Naomi, the film’s bisexual protagonist who has an affair with the film’s hero as well as a woman.

Going by the first- look poster, which has Koena striking a provocative pose with a female co- star, Gupta’s film looks like a low- budget sexy movie.

Sorbo is best known as a TV star on shows such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda . His Hollywood outing so far has mostly been marked by B-flicks such as Kull The Conqueror, Bitch Slap and Fire Down Below . While on Koena, the Bollywood Desert starlet has hardly tasted success in Hindi films in her career spanning just over half a decade. In fact, she has made more news with her reported nose job that went wrong (Koena of course denied having gone for a surgery) than genuine acting skills or stardom.

With no clear blockbuster to her credit, she is best known for glamour roles in films such as Apna Sapna Money Money , Musafir and Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena . She was last seen in a starring role in the 2008 dud, Anamika . Around the time Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena was releasing in 2005, a section of the grapevine suggested she was having a fling with Fardeen Khan, her co- star in the film.

Koena however had vehemently denied the rumour.

Coming back to The Story Of Naomi, the film also stars Chris Deveccio and Diep Tran in supporting roles.

The film is slated for release sometime next year. India Today

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