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l don’t believe in starving: Neetu Chandra

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For Neetu Chandra being fit is all about eating right and working out

My Exercise Regime
It’s a mix of cardio, weights and kick boxing throughout the week and a nice run on a Sunday morning to top it all off. I also play basketball whenever I get a chance. I’ve always been particular about my fitness and I owe it all to my sports background; I’ve played state level basketball and represented India at Taekwondo on an International level. Kathak is also another way for me to stay fit, it requires immense discipline.

My Diet
I don’t believe in starving oneself to be slim, I believe in the concept of being fit, and that’s why I eat right and work out regularly. I don’t deny myself — I eat everything that my heart desires but in proper proportions. I’ve never followed a diet in my life, denying your body of certain nutrients does more harm than good.

My problem areas
Honestly, I don’t have any problem areas as such. But like most women I have to work harder on my lower body to ensure that it stays toned.

My Strengths
My stamina, which is a result of regular exercise. The simplest forms of exercise can be very beneficial, especially for building up stamina. Running, jogging or simply walking increases the stamina gradually; it helps fight off numerous health issues related to obesity and slows down the ageing process, therefore keeps you feeling younger. Also the fact that I keep my mind free from stress helps me stay fit. TOI

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