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Mahie Gill’s mother scandalized with her liplocks

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While the world is speaking about her smooching scenes in her upcoming films, Mahie Gill reveals what her family had to say.

Two of Mahie Gill’s films are releasing within a month’s gap and incidentally both seem to be making news for the same reasons – her liplocks. The actress has shot for intimate scenes with Deepak Dobriyal in Not A Love Story and with Randeep Hooda in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster .

While much has been spoken about her smooching stint, ask her what was her family’s reaction on the scenes and Mahie says, “It was very funny. I have two brothers and the one who is in California was quite cool about it. But my mother was scandalized and wondered what kind of films I had got myself into. For her, the girl who once wanted to do PHD was now kissing in films”.

Meanwhile, wasn’t director Ram Gopal Varma embarrassed about the intimate scenes and even apologized to Mahie for it? “Well, he didn’t go on saying sorry sorry as reported. But it was really sweet of him. Ram Gopal Varma is a very shy person and because he hadn’t shot a smooching scene in his earlier films, he was quite nervous about it. Moreover it was the first day of the shoot and, to make things worse, we had to do several retakes to shoot the scene from different cameras and different angles. So he was feeling kind of awkward to ask me to kiss again and again”.

However Mahie feels too much has been made out of the bold and intimate act, which is somewhere overpowering the emotional intensity of the film. “When you watch the film, you will realize that the kissing scenes are just a part of the film and not added for the heck of it. Kuch ajeeb ya gandha nahi lagega ! “, she signs off. TOI

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