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Mahie Gill will not be there in Bhhoooo: RGV

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It’s known that RGV is making his own sequel to ” Bhoot” titled ” Bhhoooo.” While producer Nitin Manmohan might have asked Vikram Bhatt to direct the sequel to the 2003 hit “Bhoot”, RGV is making his own sequel to the film titled “Bhhoooo”.

The buzz doing the rounds that while the original cast of “Bhoot” will be retained in the Bhatt film, RGV has stayed away from it and might consider casting Mahie Gill, who is playing the lead in his “Not a Love Story”, in place of Urmila in his sequel.

Ask RGV about what he finds interesting in Mahie and he says, “There are girls who are talented. They are girls who are sexy. I would say that Mahie is a sexy talent. Seriously, she is a very real and grounded actor. She kind of mixes a very potential blend of her preparation for the role along with her instinct. The role she is playing is very complex in nature. I must say that she did far beyond what I had envisioned.”

However, RGV is clear that despite all these qualities, Mahie will not be a part of “Bhhooo”. “Casting is also a function of suitability to the role,” he insists. Even the widely speculated Rajkumar Yadav of ” Ragini MMS” will also not be there in RGV’s movie. “I am going for newcomers.”

Tell him about the obvious phonetic connection between “Bhhoooo” and “Booooo” and he says, “Yes, I have noticed that.” So, does he also know that his detractors will have a field day giving headlines to negative reviews should his film bomb and he chuckles and says, “Yes, I am aware of that.”TOI

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