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Mallika Sherawat pays for publicity

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You may have heard of celebrities paying off the paparazzi in order to get rid of them, but have you heard of celebrities hiring photographers just to make sure they stay in the limelight? Well, now you have. Yes, that’s how Miss Mallika Sherawat ensures she’s known among the Hollywood glitteratti.

It seems, this is the known formula that works in the Hollywood. “The Western media, especially Hollywood, feeds off the paparazzi culture. If you are photographed stepping out of a club or walking on the streets by one pap(arazzi), news will spread and they will be drawn, moths to flame. In no time at all, you’re famous!

Only celebs whose pics fetch money, are tracked,” In fact, the actress was spotted chatting with a ‘photographer’ and even posing around in front of him. The photographer later on turned out to be a friend posing as a ‘paparazzi guy’! Agencies

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