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Marriage is not a priority: Isha

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Since you are an expert with yoga, ancient forms of martial art and gymnastics, what kind of training you underwent for your body when you started learning?
IS: I started learning dance from my mother Daksha Seth at about 5 years of age. Along with my mother being a dancer, my father is a musician and my brother is a drummer so there was a musical ambience in my family. We were very early exposed to yoga and made to condition the body to different styles of dance. Flexibility of muscles, energy and mental strength were something we learnt very early in life.

What is your comment on Bollywood films today?
IS: I feel after Subhash Ghai’s Kisna, there were never any challenging roles to do. Bollywood needs to churn out meatier roles for women today.

Being an acclaimed dancer, do you want to participate in dance reality shows?
IS:I have never thought about them because I never watch television. We grew up in a house that never had television or cable tv.

There are talks of you tying the knot with cricketer Zaheer Khan…
IS: I will not comment on that. Marriage is not at all a priority right now. I need to dance and make people aware about the ancient dance forms of India in the world.

Living in Kerala, what do you enjoy most?
IS: I love watching movies and listening to music. I listen to Hindustani music and world music – rock, western classical, jazz and all the different genres. It is very relaxing. TOI

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