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Meditation feels good: Udita Goswami

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Meditation feels good,says actress Udita Goswami, who loves spending time with her dogs

My personal de-stress mantra is…
spending time with my three beautiful female dogs, because they give me unconditional love. I also like to feed stray dogs as it gives me immense satisfaction. Earlier, I was into meditation but recently around two months back, after attending the Isha inner engineering programme I have now started meditating daily for an hour. And it definitely feels good.

In my leisure time…
I love surfing the internet and read up on various topics pertaining to general knowledge. I’m not big on social networking sites, instead I prefer chatting with my friends on my cell phone. I don’t have the patience to read books, especially self-help books. I love to watch American television shows. I have just finished watching all seasons of 24. Now I’m starting with House.

A cook or a foodie…
I’m both. I’m a non-vegetarian who only eats chicken, no red meat for me. My mother has passed the recipe of the most amazing momos and I prepare it for my friends. It’s a long, tiring process but the effort is worth it. I like making and experimenting with cocktail recipes so much that I don’t mind taking up a bartending course. I also like to try the local cuisine of any place when I am travelling.

My hobbies are..
to keep re-doing up my house. I have an inclination towards interiors designing and I like to keep changing things around. I think I’ll be a great interior decorator if I try. When I was a kid my parents ensured I learnt the basics of ballet and kathak and so I like to dance too.

Chilling at home or party animal…
I like attending house parties because I can just be myself and party in my chappals. I’m not comfortable dancing among a crowd of strangers. I like chilling at home and calling my friends over.

Tips to de-stress…
Try to meditate. If I can, then trust me anybody can. Party! Have a good time with friends. Forget your diet and eat everything you like! Dance, it’s good to dance and de-stress. TOI

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