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Murder 2 to be trendsetter: Mukesh Bhatt

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Mukesh Bhatt says, “Murder 2 will be a game changer for Vishesh Films. We have always made path-breaking films every new decade. Murder 2 with its unique content and sheer energy is going to be a path-breaking and trendsetting movie .

In Vishesh Films we don’t make big movies with big stars but big ideas or concepts that work. We make films without big stars but they become hits. Buying a star is more expensive than making one or creating a new star. We are not just in the business of making movies but also in the business of making destinies. Our films are known to have great music, that too with new and upcoming music directors not the established ones. Music always been my passion. Some films of ours may not have done well commercially but have been super hits musically. We have a good ear for music and we put all our creative energies into working out good melodies with new musical talents.”

Bhatt adds that he and his brother Mahesh started with their first film together, Kabzaa in 1988 which went on to become a hit. “Later we made more hits like Naam, Aashiqui, Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi and Sadak. Vishesh Films is the only company mentioned in Wall Street in while in India we have consistently stood tall for the last 11 years giving hits without working with stars. We chose to not work with stars and that’s why we are able to produce more films in reasonable budgets which leaves the distributors happy too. Apart from making stars like Bipasha Basu. John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi and Kangna Ranaut, we have introduced big directors of today like Vikram Bhatt, Anurag Basu, Mohit Suri and Kunal Deshmukh.”

For Bhatt, it’s a proud achievement that he, Mahesh and their father Nanabhai have been in filmmaking for over 80 years. “We are the oldest gharana in the film industry. Even the Kapoors (Prithviraj Kapoor, his sons Shammi, Raj and Shashi and Raj’s sons Rishi, Randhir and Rajiv) came later. The three of us have been making films for the last 80 years when my father made his first film in 1928. My father made over 128 films, I produced more than 55 while Mahesh has directed more than 70. The day the passion dies out I will let my son Vishesh take over. We believe in creating a process of starting three movies in a row. There’s no finish line for us. After Murder 2 releases July 2 we begin shooting for our next film set in Belgium directed by debutant Vishal Matkar.” TOI

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