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My weight has become a national issue: Zarine Khan

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Looking pretty in a tomato red, one-shoulder sexy short tunic, the monsoon in Mumbai is a welcome change for actress Zarine Khan. More so, as this time around, appreciation galore has been pouring with the rain. Her item number Character Dheela with Salman Khan in Ready has been well received.

A beaming Zarine says, “I’m loving the attention. I was written off after my debut in Veer. Now, steadily, the perception is changing. Yet, people aren’t always noticing my acting skills. My weight has become a national issue. Even on the Internet, I see that my weight is a point of constant discussions. And I fail to understand why. Aren’t Indian women known for being voluptuous. Indian men don’t even like thin women, so why is everyone trying to look like ramp models in the west? Where is our uniqueness and individuality then,” she asks. We agree.

Shooting for Housefull 2 and a film opposite Vikram down south in her kitty, Zarine’s raring to go. Success spells a lot of hard work and she’s ready to slog. Her heated run-ins with Sonakshi Sinha and Asin over Salman Khan is a thing of grapevine legend. She clarifies, “I don’t come from an influential family. So, there’s no-one who speaks on my behalf. But whenever I meet up with Sonakshi or Asin, we laugh it off. I never get back or speak up on what’s being written about me. I consider these rumours a part of the celebrity status,” she adds sensibly.

Living in a city, which never sleeps, aamchi Mumbai is home to Zarine. With a handful of close friends, she makes sure she has her share of fun. “Monsoon always reminds me of my childhood days. And I would like to dance around with an umbrella as if no one’s watching and then go all naughty and get dirty in the mud,” she concludes with a dimpled smile. TOI

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