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Neetu Chandra’s latest hobby is lip reading!

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Lips don’t lie! And nobody knows it better than Bollywood hottie Neetu Chandra, who has now acquired a brand new hobby of lip reading!

Ask the Traffic Signal gal how did she acquire such an unusual hobby, and pat comes the reply: “Since I’m travelling to different cities for film shoots and events, I’ve to wait for hours at the business lounges of various airports. So, I’ve recently picked up the art of lip-reading. Especially when two young lovebirds are sitting next to each other, it’s interesting to read their minds through their lips.

The girl would turn coy and says, “You always do like this,” and the boy would pertly voice the words “I love you, baby!” I’m almost a pro now at lip reading!” But, don’t the subjects of her study get little conscious when she’s staring at them to read their lips? “That’s the beauty! You have to read the lips when they are not watching, so discretion is the key,” says Neetu with a laugh. TOI

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