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No expensive wardrobe for me: Salman

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Ever wondered why is Salman Khan always spotted wearing a torn jeans and a simple t-shirt? Many would think its Sallu’s style statement, but it’s much more than being just that!

Salman Khan believes that spending extravagantly on clothes is a sheer waste of money. He feels that in a country where people still sleep hungry and kids can’t get proper education, people shouldn’t spend lavishly on their clothes and donate instead.

Talking about why he chooses to wear torn jeans and tees, Sallu said, “It is very comfortable and inexpensive. With torn jeans, people can’t even make out if it’s a new jeans or an old one. You can continue wearing it as long as you want. Ekdum paisa wasool hai.”

The superstar also knows that in India, aam junta gets highly influenced by celebs and therefore he has a plan to motivate people to spend little on their clothes. His off screen dressing is very simple and Salman plans to do that on screen too. He started the trend with Ready, where he mostly wore tees, jeans, ganjis and shorts hoping to make the inexpensive yet cool style a fashion trend. The actor wants to continue spreading the message through his films and wishes his fans to follow suit. TOI

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