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No Pakistani debut for Shabana Azmi

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Actress Shabana Azmi’s Pakistani debut, if ever it was going to happen, has been nipped in the bud.

Just recently, the Pakistani media was full of news of the National Award winning actress making a foray into Pakistani cinema by doing cameo in producer Wajahat Abbas Kazmi’s film, “The Dusk”. But those announcements turned out to be much ado about nothing, what with Azmi herself refuting the claims.

Producer Wajahat Kazmi had announced in Pakistani media that Shabana will be seen in a small but important role in his film. He was quoted as saying in his interviews, “Well yes, the news is absolutely correct and Shabana Azmi will be here soon to act her part in the film. We hope that her presence in the movie will add extra value to it.” At the same time he was unwilling to provide details of her role, apart from saying, “It’s a small role but of a very important character.”

Azmi, on the other hand, completely denied that she is acting in any Pakistani film. Talking to us from Dubai, where she has gone for her play “Broken Images”, she clarified, “No, I haven’t given my consent for the film.”

Interestingly, when we approached Kazmi with Azmi’s clarification, he performed an immidiate about-turn and said, “We are in contact with Azmi’s manager Carrol D’souza and have sent her a copy of the script. We are not sure if she will accept our proposal, but it would come as a big news if she said a ‘yes’.”

Azmi, on the other hand says that she’s not even seen the script till now. “Wajahat had written to me about the film and mentioned about it to me, but I have yet to receive the script. Period.” TOI

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