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No plans to acquire an IPL team: Aamir Khan

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If rumours on the sets of “Ke Hobey Banglar Kotipati” are to be believed, Aamir Khan has surely lived up to his name. The actor, who appeared with wifey Kiran Rao on the show hosted by Sourav Ganguly, left the city having won a crore.

Said a source from the audience, “Although Aamir had used up all his lifelines before reaching the final level, he was able to give the correct answer after a lot of pondering and discussions with Kiran.” However, when Aamir was later asked about how much he had won, he refused to let the cat out of the bag, “You will have to wait till the show is aired to know the exact amount that we’ve won. It will be donated to a trust for special children.” A li’l birdie informs us that this celebrity special episode might be aired on Dada’s 39th birthday on July 8.

So, how was the experience of facing bouncers from Sourav Ganguly as he perched himself in the hotseat? “The questions were quite interesting. There were answers I knew and also, those I didn’t, but Kiran and I had a great time. Sourav is a charming host and he really made us feel at home,” said Aamir after the shoot. And language proved to be no barrier. “In the beginning, Dada and Kiran were translating the questions for me, but later, I could make out what was happening,” he added. Aamir confessed that he was never into quizzing as a kid, but loved watching quiz shows.

Despite offers from the small screen coming his way by the dozens, the star hasn’t taken up any. “I have no plans for the small screen just yet,” he said. And there was no denying cricket with Sourav Ganguly around, but Aamir revealed that he has no plans to acquire an IPL team.

“I love watching cricket but have no plans to buy an IPL team. I’m part of the film world and I’m quite content with that,” he said. On being prodded whether Kiran would like to do something on Kolkata, she said, “I will definitely do something on Calcutta when the time is ripe, but don’t have plans for a Bengali film. I might have the characters in my film speak Bengali.” TOI

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