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Only public can rip my films apart: Salman

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Salman Khan too seems to have realized what works the most when it comes to promoting a film.

Aamir’s friendship and success of Dabangg seems to have enlightened Salman after all. The actor who did not bother much about customising the publicity of his films is now making sure he reaches his target audience directly.

The actor who is more open to the media today believes nothing helps a film fare better than word of mouth promotion. Salman is thus making sure that his films reach his fans and that they know that their opinion is what matters to him the most.

Content with the success of his latest film ‘Chillar Party’ Salman thanked his fans by saying “Glad you liked it, it’s picking up through word of mouth publicity, lots of people have loved the film, not one person has rammed it, atleast to me. Thanks guys.”

He further added, “No better publicity than word of mouth publicity and if you don’t like the film, rip it apart, you have the right and no body else.”

The film has mostly received positive reviews and is doing quite well at the box office. TOI

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