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Pakistani Actress Meera Crying On TV over Pakistan Loss!!

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Pakistani actress Meera started crying infront of the live television program after Pakistan loss the match to India by 29 runs. There was a lot of buzz about the semi final cricket match between Pakistan and India in which finaly India beat Pakistan by 29 runs.

Pakistani channel Geo Super called Meera on their program of cricket and when Pakistan lost the match, Meera infront of live show was unable to control her emotions. She bursted out with tears and kept on crying till the end of the program. Former cricketers tried their best to calm Meera but she was certainly not able to control her emotions on that particular moment.

Pakistani nation was all in sorrow when Pakistan lost the match but the good thing was that everyone showed sportsman spirit and nobody criticised the team. It looks like that everyone know understands that its just a game and one has to lose in it. Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi said sorry to the nation on losing the match. However this match has helped in bringing the two countries Pakistan and India together and also helped he cause of peace. Agencies

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