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People are jealous of Me & Saif: Kareena

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Saif Ali Khan’s girl and Salman Khan’s original ‘desi girl’, Kareena Kapoor might appear to have it all going for her, but the actress’s life has been far from a bed of roses. Of late she has had to deal with troubling rumours about her four-year long relationship coming to an end. Upset with the ‘baseless’ stories doing the rounds, Kareena revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “This is all unnecessary news spread by jealous people. I think, in this industry, people can’t see two people happy in a relationship and doing so well. We are both in the best phase of our careers and that is what affects people. I am hurt and upset, as the entire news is false and baseless.

I would never have reacted if there were any truth to it. We definitely don’t want to entertain such malicious gossip.” When asked who she suspects of spreading these false claims, Kareena said, “Obviously these rumours have started from somewhere. It is disgusting to involve families into things like these. I would never discuss my personal life on film sets. And the fact of the matter is that Saif and I know how close we are. We don’t owe anyone any explanation. All these media speculations sometimes get to us. At the end of the day, we are known for our jobs and we have always been open to everyone about our relationship. ”

Ironically, amidst these talks of a break-up, there have also been rumours of the couple marrying soon. However, Kareena confessed, “I have been shooting regularly. I know that people have been speculating that we will marry soon, but I have so many movies to finish and Saif is busy with his films. We have Agent Vinod, which releases in December. How can we get married now? If we announce that we are going to get married on a particular date, then people will speculate about the guest list and other things.” Her personal life might be attracting negative publicity, but nobody can take away the professional high she is on with films opposite the Khans. Kareena will soon join the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and other Bollywood icons idolized at Madam Tussauds.

Kareena excitedly said, “I have not spoken to anyone about this, but it is wonderful and a proud feeling. To be next to our legends like Amitji, Shah Rukh, Salman, Ash and Sachin is a proud feeling. It is something that my grandchildren can go see.” And she will not be the only Kapoor sister we see on the silver -screen this year. In regard to Karisma’s return to Bollywood, in Vikram Bhatt’s 3D thriller Dangerous Ishq, Kareena said, “You know I have hardly spoken to Karisma, but I am very happy for her.

She is looking better than any of us these days and she is super hot. I guess she wanted to come back and was waiting for the right script and now that she has got it, she is coming back.” After working on four projects this year, Kareena and Saif are all geared up to jet-set to Paris for some much needed rest and recreation. She explained, “I have been shooting non-stop. Saif and I are now taking a break and going to Paris for a vacation to spend some time together, as I have four films releasing this year.” Agencies

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