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Ramdev doesn’t need to starve: Salman

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Baba Ramdev must be gearing up to go on his ambitious hunger strike from Saturday in Delhi. The yogi aspires to ward the country off corruption by starving but the idea has baffled Bollywood hunk Salman Khan.

The actor failed to understand the need for Ramdev to go on a hunger strike. “Why is he going on a hunger strike? Isn’t he a yogi teaching yoga?” questioned Salman.

“I know his intention is good, but I think there are better ways for him to stop corruption,” said the star further adding, “The yogi has numerous followers across the nation. If he wants to put an end to corrupt practises, he should spread the message through them and
motivate people to stop giving bribes.”

Though clueless about how a hunger strike could change a nation, Salman wished that Ramdev accomplishes his mission. TOI

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