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Ranbir Kapoor denies dating Katrina

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The dashingly handsome Ranbir Kapoor’s image of a cassanova was perhaps blown out of proportion by the media. Very recently the actor aired his grievances with him being linked with any and everybody. Apart from Deepika his list of dates was supposed to have been big and varied. Katrina the former girlfriend of Sallu bhai was one of its attractions.

In a television show he insisted that Katrina had never been dated by him thus either break- up or heart wrenching consequences following it do not arise. The chat show featured a pleading Ranbir requesting all and sundry not to fabricate stories regarding relationships. The actor re affirmed the embarrassment caused to his parents as a result of such fictions. He feared going out with friends on grounds that he may again be at the receiving end

Irrespective of the fact that the actor may or may not be truthful about his relations with Katrina, media is expected to show restraint and undergo proper research before coming to such drastic conclusions. Such judgments involving two persons should not be based on mere hear say or a cursory glance. Somewhere down the line there is a need to re think and redefine the role of media. Agencies

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