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Ranbir Kapoor scraps script just because Sonam knows the plot

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Ranbir Kapoor to rework script for his first production (as and when that happens) just because Sonam already knows the plot!

There’s this one script Ranbir Kapoor is pretty excited about. But he intends to make significant changes to it before he produces it someday.

Yes, RK has wanted to be a producer even before he began his acting career. And the reason he’s effecting those changes now is because he doesn’t trust his one-time confidante Sonam Kapoor anymore.

Since their days as assistant directors on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black, RK had been reading and writing scripts.

He even confided in Sonam about this one love story that particularly interested him and about wanting to make the film with her.

He’s now ruing that and plans to change parts of the story so it doesn’t get leaked. Says a source, “In his spare time, Ranbir looks at projects he wants to make as a producer.”

A source who attends the actor’s creative meetings notes: “RK has this child like gleam in his eyes when he talks about turning producer. It’s hypothetical for now, but he’s visibly excited.” Agencies

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