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Ranbir Kapoor will make a great father: Vedita

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The world around may be talking of Ranbir Kapoor not exactly being a good boyfriend or husband material, but the actor has found support from a lady in tinsel town.

Model-turned-actress Vedita Pratap Singh , who made her debut in the recently released film Bhindi Bazaar , thinks that Ranbir can be a great father to his children. ” I believe that Ranbir Kapoor will make a great father. Yes, there has been a lot of talk about Ranbir being a big flirt and having many girlfriends, but I have met him and he is a wonderful person. I believe that once he settles down, he will give quality time to his kids. I have interacted with Ranbir and I didn’t find him to be a flirt. I think people have gone a little overboard while criticizing him.” she says.

She then goes on to add, “I believe even Rahul Gandhi will make a very good father. Even though he has one of the most famous surnames in the country, he always comes across as a very down-to-earth person and fights for the rights of the needy. He has always got his priorities right and will continue to do so when he gets married and has kids. He is also very open-minded and that will help.” TOI

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