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RGV embarrassed by Mahie’s sex act

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Actress Mahie Gill has proved that she is an actress who is supposed to be taken seriously.

In a no holds barred portrayal in a role based on the infamous Maria Susairaj, Mahie Gill gave in to whatever the script demanded – from lip-locks to intimate scenes. And the actress did this without question.

The happy man is director Ram Gopal Varma, who found it so easy to work with Mahie. “She understood the script so well. I felt odd that I had to put a girl in such a situation. There were retakes, too. And that felt more awkward,” he said.

Mahie on the other hand said she was only too glad to be a part of such a hard hitting movie. “The intimate scenes were no big deal. Once you get into the skin of the character it is all okay. We are actors after all! Ramu was more embarrased than I was. I remember once he even left the sets. He keeps apologising to me, and I have to keep reassuring him that it’s all okay,” said Mahie. TOI

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