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RGV’s film on Osama Bin Laden

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While all eyes and attention are on the developments thereafter, there has been one interesting development in Bollywood too. Director Ram gopal Varma has been toying with the idea of a film based on Osama.

And well unlike filmmaker Katherine Bigelow who planned a film on Osama’s assassination, ramu goes a step ahead and talks about the afterlife.

The director, who is known for his horror films along with his hard-hitting films said, “After terrifying the US for such a long time I just hope that Osama won’t rise from the ocean and come back as a Ghost and this time to horrify the US.”

Further letting his imagination run wild as ever, Ramu said, “TERROR turns to HORROR….Alqauida PART 2.”

Talking about his movie idea of the killed terror mastermind verma said, “Plot idea of AL QAEDA PART 2 …Osama Bin Laden’s ghost rises from the ocean to come and haunt The white house .”

Sure, the filmmaker was just having a great time blogging the crazy and wild thoughts that came to his mind. But given his filmography of making films on real people and real issues, we can’t rule out the possibility of him making a film on Osama. Agencies

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