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Sajid writes an emotional letter to Mithunda

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Before embarking upon the London shoot of his HOUSEFULL 2, Sajid Khan remembered one thing. He had to write a personal note to his ‘dada’ i.e. Mithun Chakraborthy whom he has idolized since his childhood.

“It’s something that Sajid does for every actor before he starts shooting with them. He has done that for all his actors during HEYY BABYY as well as HOUSEFULL. However while notes to all actors in the past have basically proclaimed that ‘this should be the biggest hit of their career’ and are generally laced with light humor, his note to Mithunda was emotionally charged,” informs a source.

The content of this note reads as: ‘To my Dada-Every filmmaker has a dream to work with you and mine will be realized now that I am working with you in this lifetime. Ever since my growing up years, you have been my equivalent of John Travolta from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and Bruce Lee from ENTER THE DRAGON. For the rest of my life, you will always been my Dada.’

Though there was more to this note, Sajid refused to reveal more about it stating that as too personal.

Sajid says, “I am so excited about working with Mithunda. For me it is a surreal moment to actually call ‘action’ with him around.”

So do we see Mithun getting into Travolta and Lee mode when it comes to dancing and kicking butt? “Well, let me keep this as a big surprise,” he smiles, “I can promise though that in HOUSEFULL 2, he would be doing something that he has never done before.”

Guess for that we would have to wait for the conclusion of IPL 5 next year post which HOUSEFULL 2 would release. Agencies

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